All things work together for good


And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose. -Romans 8:28

God is orchestrating everything in your life according to HIS purpose. So if you’re searching for that feeling of comfort as you get ready to declare a major in school, or you’re looking for that affirmation that you’ve made the right choice to apply for that job,or to stay where you are, remember that because God is good. He works everything out for the good. God is not too busy to guide you in decision making, no matter how big or small. He is not tired of you asking Him questions and He doesn’t abandon you when you’re confused or uncertain. So when you find yourself stressing because:
1. You have no idea what you’ve been “called to do”
2. You’re worried that you’ve made the wrong choice about college
3. You don’t know what you want to major in college
4. You’re not sure if you should stay at your job, or leave and pursue the things you are passionate about
5. You enjoy what you do and you’re grateful for where you are in life, but wonder if there is something more for you,

Remember that because God is good, He is not only going to guide you through this situations, but HE is going to guide you toward where HE wants you to be! In other words, no matter how uncertain your life or situation may feel at times, there is absolutely no reason to let your mind become filled with stress to the point that you’re relying solely on your own mental ability to try and figure where you need to be. Spend time talking with the Lord daily. Cling to the relationships in your life that provide wisdom and encourage you with biblical truth. Don’t let yourself get so worked up over what kind of career you need to have, or if you’re single, what kind of godly man God is going to send into your life. Everything will work out according to His purpose, and you can find peace in knowing that as a follower of Christ, your purpose is to live a life in pursuit of God. Let His Word be your guide!
Further reading: Romans 8:18-30

From #SheWasMadeWithAPurpose a devotional from Her Binder Project
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It is not my work but it hit me hard. Right in the feels! Woooh! All things work together for our good.

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5 Devotionals for Women


If you are really serious to jump start your walk with God, you probably encounter this struggle —your devotion/quiet time. It might be because of your schedule or you are confused with what book in the Bible or topic you should be studying. Our time with our Heavenly Father is our foundation of the consistent growth in our walk with Him.

As a starter in this journey with Jesus, way back almost 4 years ago, I’ve been given the hunger for the Word and the thirst from the Holy Spirit to know Him. I used to start with the basic – a devotional book. I bought  one for myself from Booksale entitled Devotionals for Teens by Suzie Shellenberger and sometimes, I also read from Our Daily Bread which is also helpful. That book was the source for me to encounter the phrase that says, “The Bible is a bread for everyday not a cake for a special occasion”. I’ve been more into reading and writing since then. I am amazed on how exact and timely God’s Word is and how it guides me through my struggles for that very moment and helped me encourage my friends who are experiencing such.

It made an impact in my life — the praying and reading the Bible seems like a date with the One I love. It made me encounter God more. I never regret setting aside my time for having a conversation with Him. It was not easy, I missed out for days and messed up most of the time, but by His grace and His discipline I now have the time and the experience to share this with you. Digging deeper in His Word is all worth it!

Now, as I enjoyed searching for good reads and devotional tools on the internet I will share my good finds with you! Get your search engines and app stores ready!

  1. Whole Magazine
  2. She Reads Truth
  3. First 5
  4. Quite Women Co. now Daily Life Co.
  5. Her Binder Project

These accounts are active on any social media app some even have their own app.

Search, follow, and start digging into God’s Word . Enjoy His Presence.♥




Love, Mica

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Tokyo Magnitude 8.0-Movie


Tokyo Magnitude 8.0’s 11th episode has made a really great impact. I loved how the ending goes. Mirai realized everything for the better– how moments should be treasured, and how people should be loved. Though Yuuki was gone it made a way for Mirai to change her heart. When she got the chance to meet her family again, it was her second chance to do things better. She told her about things that happened to them (with Yuuki) when they were together and they both felt the pain and cried. Yuuki was really a sweet, good kid.

It was indeed a great movie! And it includes a great message for the viewers too– not everything that is gome should have a negative effect on us, it’s another way of telling and reminding us that we should move on and give ourselves the best shot for second chance. The movie can relate to anyone who loses their loved ones or even to those who neglects to love their family and the people around them. One last phrase from Mirai cut my heart,

” I have to keep on going because Yuuki is watching me”.


A tweaked reaction paper from our Japanese Class. (November 20, 2014)


It was these past two Sundays when I crave for one of my addictions—books!

We have our Purple Book Class in the morning from 9-11:30am which made us (me and my cousin) go to the nearest Booksale and NBS just to let an hour pass by until we get ready for the next service.

As we skim through the good old books, I was again-reminded that I don’t have enough money to buy one. It made me realize how sad the “unemployed life” is. Continue reading “Booked”

Dear Voter, … from a first time voter.

Excited na ako sa darating na ika-siyam ng Mayo ng taong ito!
First time ko kasing boboto!

Sabi nila, naging makulay ang talakayan ng bawat partido.
Sabi nila, mas may sense ang sinasabi ng bawat kandidato.
Siguro nga, dahil kitang kita ko mga opinyon ng bawat Pilipino.

“Challenging” ika nga nila, ang pumili at maghalal ng bagong set ng taong mamumuno sa mahal nating bansa.
Challenging kasi ang daming magagaling– magsalita, sana meron din sa gawa.
Sana bawat pangako hindi bibitawan ng bibig nila ng walang laban.

Anim na taon ang nakalipas mula nung nagamit mong malaya ang karapatan mo bilang Pilipino.
Marami akong kakilala na binabalewala ito, kesyo daw
“Sayang din naman boto ko”
“Kayo nalang ang bumoto”
“Di din naman magbabago ang mga Pilipino”
“Wala naman din mangyayari sa Pilipinas”

It is not about what is going to happen with your vote, it is about practicing your right and responsibility as a Filipino.

Kung di mo gagawing bumoto, bakit ka pa andito? Di mo siguro alam na ang pagboto ay isa sa mga pinakamagandang karapatan bilang mamamayan.
Pantay kasi ang pagtingin at mga kalahok dito, walang mayaman walang mahirap, basta Pilipino.

Para sa mga boboto ngayong Mayo,
Sana ay piliin mo yung tingin mong tama para sa posisyon,
may dignidad,
may puso,
at higit sa lahat…
May takot sa Diyos.

Marami ako natutunan sa topic namin sa aming simbahan,
Ang lider daw ay marunong magsakripisyo ng sarili, hindi bulag sa kapangyarihan, hindi nagpapaanod sa temptasyon, ginagamit ang talino sa tama, at ipinapasa ng maayos at marangal ang posisyon sa susunod na henerasyon.

Yung lider na hindi lang kasalukuyan ang tinitignan at ginagawan ng solusyon pero maging yung para sa iyo, sa anak mo, at sa anak ng magiging anak mo.

Yung lider na may takot sa Diyos, yung susunod Sakanya, yung mahal ang Diyos at pinapahalagahan pa.

Pinagdadasal ko na maging malinis itong eleksyon, na pipiliin natin yung tamang tao, na di tayo magpapadala sa sinasabi ng iba, na i-trust natin si Lord kung sino man ang i-appoint niya, na maging safe ang mga taong involved, na maging mapayapa ito habang at pagkatapos ng eleksyon.

Gusto ko makita ang pagbabago.
Pero alam ko na makikita ko lang to sa bansa ko, kung magsisimula ako sa sarili ko.

From an excited first time voter,
Michaella 💛