About Me


Mica is a full-time barista of one of the well-known coffee shops in the Philippines. The love for coffee and God’s calling  led her to her workplace. She loves small talks and coffee shop dates with friends and with her small group members. Aiming to put joy in the workplace and smile on everybody’s face everyday. Cheer, bright, shine, and radiance are some of her favorite words.  Indeed, the joy of the Lord is her strength.


I created this website to blog about my adventure .  Other social media application cannot amount to these kind, you know– for us  to share and personalized each thought and give specific detail to it with a lengthy writing like what these kind of platform can offer. Do you agree with that? That’s why I created my tiny space in the internet to share my life with other people and to share Jesus with you!

This includes my personal experiences, places I go, food, seasons that I cherish the most, my random thoughts, and so much more.

I hope you will enjoy your visit on what is going on my mind through my short writings and random photos. Having a strong belief that this will make an impact to every hearts.

See you around!

With so much love,



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