2017 as of the moment


The last day of January is almost 2 days away and I am looking back since Day 1. I am writing this today because I had to, because if I will not it will be a never ending thought in my brain that will keep me hunted for days and nights. My heart just burst as I go on through the days of January. It has been a tough month for some of the people around me and I am so proud of them.Why? I have been in awe of how brave their hearts are and how strong they keep steady on the things and people that matters to them.

I have never been so thankful and proud of them since this year that I started realizing adult-ing stuff that is going on in my life. They might or might not read this post but it is okay, I’ll send them a letter anyway.

For those people who lost a love one. I am so proud of you for being so strong and for keeping on. I felt the sadness and grief like this a few times and I am assuring you that you will be fine in a little time. God is the Giver of life and He has already plan it out. He knows the what-s, where-s, when-s, who-s, and whys of your life. Trusting Him with it is the best decision ever and if you ever acknowledge Him to come and be the first in everything in your life then you have eternity waiting for you when your life here on earth has come to end.

For the people who are feeling so stuck with the job that they are in, the people that they love the most that they tend to forget about themselves and their own good. I thank God for your life, you have the most selfless heart that I know. You always put other people first because you don’t want to let them feel what you have felt before-always left out with nothing but yourself. I want you to remember that this year is for you, that God is unfolding things right before your eyes and I pray that you’ll never lose a gaze on the prize, for the prize is Christ. Continue being the most excellent you and exercise your right to treat and love yourself first and others second. Hoping that you will decide for yourself sometimes and let the people you love take care of themselves because in that way they will also learn.

For those people who are feeling lost after being so on fire for God for the past year.The fire must have burnt out but never  I wanted you to know that God is always there for you. Just choose Him to be first in everyday and let yourself form a habit of having conversations with God first everyday. Remember that it always start with a decision for you to back down or keep on, choose the latter. Make yourself fall in love with your Maker and appreciate things that comes on your way. Those are maybe obstacles, struggles, or what-so. God will keep you through it. Make that heart braver and more consistent in the walk that has been prepared for you. Share Him with the people around you and in that way that fire will keep on burning until it ablaze.


January has been a tough start for us, but God will be with us from Day 1 to Day 365 of 2017.  I appreciate your brave heart! Let’s keep going. Let us always delight ourselves in Him. ♥




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