Youtubers Part 1

All of us “millenials”or “young people”are hooked up with the Youtube scene. A lot of people are becoming Youtubers today like mushrooms coming out of nowhere. These are the people that are separated from the crowd. They are listed here because as for my preference, they have great content in their channel and I love those ideas that they are sharing with their viewers. And if you guys have anyone else to add, just write it down in the comments below after this post.

It started with Bethany Mota way back 2012 then the rest is history. Thanks, Beth!

Krist Yu 



Nadine Felice



Maxine Lara


Saab Magalona Baccaro



Check out their adorable-ness. Their names are linked by the way and they also have their websites too.

See you next time!




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