“Great supplicant have sought the secret place of the Most High. Not that they might escape the world, but that they might learn to conquer it.”

Dianne Alvarez

The busyness of life stole my joy, turned my heart of worship to a heart of performance, and replaced my stillness to hurriedness.

But the Lord said, “I will restore. I will rebuild. I will renew all things. I will replenish. I will return what the enemy has stolen. I will return you to Me. You’ve always been mine. And I am always Yours.”

So I say, “Be still my soul. Put your hope in God. Love conquers all fears. Love covers up all wrongs. Dance again. Your joy has returned. Worship the LORD with genuinenes with all your whole heart. Live for Him. Fear Him. Obey Him. Walk in His ways. Enjoy Him. Love Him. Just like before. His Word speaks to you. Oh how great to worship Him. So worship the LORD, oh my soul. Come alive dead bones. Compassion has come upon your heart again. Restoration has…

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