5 Devotionals for Women


If you are really serious to jump start your walk with God, you probably encounter this struggle —your devotion/quiet time. It might be because of your schedule or you are confused with what book in the Bible or topic you should be studying. Our time with our Heavenly Father is our foundation of the consistent growth in our walk with Him.

As a starter in this journey with Jesus, way back almost 4 years ago, I’ve been given the hunger for the Word and the thirst from the Holy Spirit to know Him. I used to start with the basic – a devotional book. I bought  one for myself from Booksale entitled Devotionals for Teens by Suzie Shellenberger and sometimes, I also read from Our Daily Bread which is also helpful. That book was the source for me to encounter the phrase that says, “The Bible is a bread for everyday not a cake for a special occasion”. I’ve been more into reading and writing since then. I am amazed on how exact and timely God’s Word is and how it guides me through my struggles for that very moment and helped me encourage my friends who are experiencing such.

It made an impact in my life — the praying and reading the Bible seems like a date with the One I love. It made me encounter God more. I never regret setting aside my time for having a conversation with Him. It was not easy, I missed out for days and messed up most of the time, but by His grace and His discipline I now have the time and the experience to share this with you. Digging deeper in His Word is all worth it!

Now, as I enjoyed searching for good reads and devotional tools on the internet I will share my good finds with you! Get your search engines and app stores ready!

  1. Whole Magazine
  2. She Reads Truth
  3. First 5
  4. Quite Women Co. now Daily Life Co.
  5. Her Binder Project

These accounts are active on any social media app some even have their own app.

Search, follow, and start digging into God’s Word . Enjoy His Presence.♥




Love, Mica

Photo by http://vsco.co/livin4theking97/images/1 thru Pinterest










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