Tokyo Magnitude 8.0-Movie


Tokyo Magnitude 8.0’s 11th episode has made a really great impact. I loved how the ending goes. Mirai realized everything for the better– how moments should be treasured, and how people should be loved. Though Yuuki was gone it made a way for Mirai to change her heart. When she got the chance to meet her family again, it was her second chance to do things better. She told her about things that happened to them (with Yuuki) when they were together and they both felt the pain and cried. Yuuki was really a sweet, good kid.

It was indeed a great movie! And it includes a great message for the viewers too– not everything that is gome should have a negative effect on us, it’s another way of telling and reminding us that we should move on and give ourselves the best shot for second chance. The movie can relate to anyone who loses their loved ones or even to those who neglects to love their family and the people around them. One last phrase from Mirai cut my heart,

” I have to keep on going because Yuuki is watching me”.


A tweaked reaction paper from our Japanese Class. (November 20, 2014)


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