It was these past two Sundays when I crave for one of my addictions—books!

We have our Purple Book Class in the morning from 9-11:30am which made us (me and my cousin) go to the nearest Booksale and NBS just to let an hour pass by until we get ready for the next service.

As we skim through the good old books, I was again-reminded that I don’t have enough money to buy one. It made me realize how sad the “unemployed life” is.

But then, this post is not about my feels but the books that I saw both at Booksale and NBS.
Here are some photos:







Looking at these hurts me a lot yet it inspires me to really save up for them. I mean, I can look through blogs, download ebook copy, and google most of their topics but there is something special when you have your own copy. Who else agrees with this?

There are books that are not even in the photo like Captivating, Dug Down Deep, and more!

I just posted this just to let my broken heart with a broken wallet heal and gave up its toxic thoughts about not owning a copy.

Q. If you have any book titles that are about Christianity or even the informational ones, please comment it down below and let us make ourselves cry for not having a copy. lol
I would really really love to know!
Thank you!


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