14th of February


Busy streets, vendors selling roses and balloons, fully-loaded restaurants, chocolates there and couples everywhere, the 14th of February is #feels.

I mean, the world celebrates this day putting so much effort for their loved ones. People wants to express love during this day. It’s a big deal for many of us to join this wonderful celebration, that’s why some guys and girls are bitter throughout the day just because they are single. But do we really need to feel this way?

I wanted to post for a certain topic, but I have a lot of random ideas in mind to tell. So, I will try to put it into one lengthy blog post just for today.

1. You have your families and friends.
Love is not limited to a boyfriend-girlfriend or a husband-wife kind of relationship. Love is made available for everyone. You can celebrate and have dinner with your family, you can give letter cards to your friends, you can even give a gift to a stranger. Knowing that love is about giving and not just getting made me realize that I don’t even have to wait for Valentine’s to do these. I can express my love for them even on ordinary days! To love is not the easiest way to do because people are unlovable, I myself is unlovable and to give a warm and genuine love to them is an everyday challenge. And shoutout to the people who struggles to express this love like I do.

2. Someday, my prince will come.
(Oh no! Ito nanaman si Mica! …Yup! And I will not stop.) Sharing my conviction to the girls around me regarding the season of waiting makes me feel that they must be nauumay na with it. My conviction is to really wait patiently for God’s best for me. I came up with this because I’ve experienced a lot and I saw temptation walking hand in hand with the wrong kind of love like best friends. I have a lot of friends who have done this and gave in. Now, I can hear stories of how they struggle and worry on this at our age and even much younger. I care so much about you that’s why I share this message way too much. But in the end, i’m expectant of two kinds of reactions- one will set their own conviction regarding this topic and the other will still go on their own way. I’ve learned that I can’t force them to do me, but I will not stop sharing this even if it breaks my heart to see people doing the latter.

God designed us fearfully and wonderfully, He has great plans for our lives, He wants us to be strengthen in our relationship with Him. Knowing these, I believe that every bit of our everyday is detailed- what will happen next, the words that we’re about to say, the emotions that we’re about to feel and no doubt with the moment that God has orchestrated for us to meet the person that we will spend our lifetime with. Waiting is an act of love and to love is a choice. So, if we choose to love then we choose to wait. We are preserving those precious moments and emotions to the person that we will meet on our journey someday and that excites me!

3. Love yourself.
Don’t take this one as if I am plugging the selfish kind of love, cuz I don’t. I want you to take time and realize that loving every bit of you makes a difference on how you will treat others. Take time to really be alone with something that you are really passionate about, date with yourself and have a cup of coffee, eat, enjoy travelling alone, give yourself a treat to the spa, go watch a movie, accept your flaws and be strengthen with it. Slow down, listen to good music, read some books, dress for yourself, sing and dance your heart out.

Be in love with the season that you are in because it can never come twice, if you are a student then aim for great grades, if you are on your job then perform excellently. Do what you love. In fact, being alone doesn’t equal to being lonely. You can always be alone with God, you can have Him as your date- read your Bible and pray like you never did before, seek Him with your heart, make a time for Sabbath and give yourself some rest from the fast phase lifestyle of this world. Valentine’s can be everyday when you start appreciating what you have and what you don’t have.
PS. You are beautiful!

4. God loves you.
The greatest love of all is God’s love for us. We can never love as much as He does but what we can do is to set this as an example on how we love others and on how we accept that love. This is our standard and it is not the kind of love that the world gives.

God loves you so much that even you sinned and made mistakes-He will still give you a chance, God loves you so much that even when you failed Him yesterday- He will still wake you up the next day, God loves you so much that He will help you to love those people around you even if it is humanly impossible. God loves you so much, that He gave His Son, Jesus Christ, unselfishly that if you believe in Him, you will have eternal life and be saved. God just loves you unconditionally that’s why He values you like that.

Does these things ring a bell?
I hope that we will enjoy Valentine’s day differently from now on, this is just my perspective and my thoughts for today I hope that we can celebrate this everyday. I pray that you will value your relationship with God first and set it as a priority other than doing things on your own.

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