Day 1 Through Jesus, She is: | Michaella Casta


I am currently making up for the past two days. My goal is to really read it also as part of my devotion and share the challenges here in social media. I can’t wait to do this with the other young women that I know.

Here is my take away from Day 1.
Through Jesus, She is: PREPARED

God has planned amazing things for us to will and to act upon. The question is how willing are we on being sold out on what God has promised? What are we doing to learn more about it and how much do we obey? The truth is, it is all up on us. Just like how an athlete prepares for a game– taking every drills and mindfully obeying their coach’s advices, we should also do likewise. God is our coach, He is our mentor. Keep in mind that we are taking a different path in this world and know that God is leading us on it. Do not conform! Make Him first on your list. Set goals and act on it. Make time to hear His voice everyday. 🙂

Romans 12:2
#QuiteWomenCo #HerBinderProject #January2016 #ThroughJesus,SheIs


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