Bolinao Trip 2015


After many years, I was able to visit my relatives and everyone in this beautiful province of Bolinao. Located on the borderline of this country, Bolinao has its great and unique features which should be one on your list of summer destinations. God has poured out so much wonderful things in here.

The first thing to know, the bus that you’ll be riding. There are so many buses available along Cubao, Quezon City, but we always prefer Five Star Bus line.

And for the 1st-day of staying there…







For Day 1, we arrived around 6 or 7 am at the house where we will be staying. I met this “super-big-mommy pig” playing under the little mango tree. We had good breakfast and I ate a lot. (What’s new? Hahaha.) After that, we stroll around and met a cow along the way.







We took a lot of photos while we enjoy the view.

11169420_809522989139881_4197987480353348358_n 11061982_809522872473226_1460978818402108855_n

11150818_809522909139889_1272347170834750931_n 11169420_809522989139881_4197987480353348358_n

And because we’re all tired from the trip, we slept for a while and then an hour later, they woke me up and hurry me to get ready for a swim. Yey!

We rode in a tricycle and I remembered how the tires got flat while we are along the way. Hahaha! Whose fault? Well. 



Our cousin whose living there brought us to this place, it was so nice and calm. The problem was, it was 2 pm and low tide, that’s why we can’t swim yet.

994178_10204405839922382_7687451418577127199_n 10995597_10204405832242190_6789811934598619434_n 11008459_10204405855722777_1683217271350672162_n 11138641_809523319139848_4465891994888280496_n 11152695_809523352473178_8497332585070642833_n 11156194_10204405856682801_3464753383155544568_n 11156261_10204405854682751_975402154901434081_n 11174918_809523419139838_2101384250295811891_n

 To be continued…

Thanks for reading! 🙂


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