Paramore Playlist | Music Monday


Hello, 90’s kid! Hello, Paramore fans!

This week was like a throwback week for me. My friend, who is a Paramore fan shared with me some songs on her playlist.

I was so giddy to try this music once again after 3 years, I guess? Hahaha. This music influence was from my cousin while we’re on our high school years. And so I decided to share with you top 10 of their songs that brought memories on my high school days.

  1. Born for This

  2. Brighter

  3. Never Let This Go

  4. We are Broken

  5. All I Wanted

  6. Emergency

  7. Crushcrushcrush

  8. Misery Business

  9. Let the Flames Begin

  10. Fences

These are just Top 10 of the songs I still remembered and kept on singing if you wanted more here’s the link to my Spotify Playlist  and here is to Paramore’s playlist.

Feel free to share with me your music or band suggestions!

Happy listening! 

Best, Michaella


Weheartit for the photo

Spotify for the music app



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