Events Management Assessment

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After waiting for like 2 weeks or 3 weeks for this assessment, we’re now done with it. (August 8, 2015)

As a Hospitality Management student, Events Management is part of our Major Subjects which I really enjoyed taking because my creative juices are being extracted until no juice is left. Lol. But yes, I really love planning things around and having all these kind of schedule plus the event concept and talking to other people.

I came up to an event which I would really like to happen in the near future. A Blog Website’s Anniversary! I will talk about it soon as we complete our core team.

If you’re planning to take NC III Events Management anytime soon, here are some tips to help you:

  1. Ask for the specific schedule. There are different NC in different schedules so you better check beforehand.
  2. Prepare your event. Days or weeks prior to the schedule, have your event ready. Brainstorming is a must and you should feel like you have a big-time client waiting for your proposal. 
  3. Pinterest and Google photos and ideas. The struggle is real, finding the perfect photo of what you planned may ruin your plan with vast ideas on the internet. Just focus on your concept and look for the best photo.
  4. Search for the important letters/formats. As an event planner these should be on your SOP. Letter of Intent, Company Profile, Duties and Responsibilities, Testimonial, MOA/ Memorandum of Agreement, Billing Summary, etc.
  5. Event Venue. The most tragic of all tragic-ness! This is where my friends had a hard time. Look or plan in a venue that you know very well because the Assessors will require you to include landmarks in your proposal.
  6. Don’t compromise! There are many types of event. Never limit yourself with the usual “Birthday” or “Wedding”.
  7. Don’t be late. You don’t want to miss their briefing about what to do and other requirements. The building is located near Roxas Blvd. Complete Address: Suite 402 Bel-Air Apartment, 1020 Roxas Blvd. Ermita Manila, Philippines.
  8. Enjoy! Just pray and give your best. Enjoy the free WiFi and meeting new friends. If you’re lucky enough to finish early, roam around Manila. Just be safe!


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Being an HM Student is epic! Enjoy the journey! 🙂


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