Book Hunting for August 2015

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Ah! The colorful rectangles and blocks. The smell of the paper on every page. The organized and the not so organized areas. I always wanted this kind of view. NOTE: I am not an obsessive/avid reader, I just appreciate the atmosphere of this kind.

As the title and intro goes, I went to Booksale last Sunday while waiting for a friend. I seldom do this because when I do, I go out from the said store heart-broken and regretting OR  simply just “broke”. It’s either of the two. For this time, I finished wandering from the aisles of National Bookstore and I have nowhere to go and I still have plenty of time so I visit Booksale. Booksale was on sale! Wait, what? I have enough money to spend and trade books over something to eat.

Of course, I went inside and look for the new Christian Books that they are selling and the prices made me cry. Such stories and titles. I tried looking under the shelves and found books which range from P10.00-P50.00 ONLY! So, I started sitting on the floor and keep on finding a good read. I tried picking up other genres of books, and novels. And found these four for about an hour and a half.

Prairie Fire by Catherine Palmer (P10.00)

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Mica being intrigued about fire and novels. I picked this book. “This novel demonstrates a beautiful message of Christian love.” That’s how they describe it. Will try to read novels for a change.

Abby Finds Her Calling by Naomi King (P10.00)

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“Generation of Amish neighbors and friends enjoy the simple things in life in the lush countryside of Cedar Creek, Missouri. But matters of the heart have a way of complicating the most clear-cut plans…” After reading 1/4 of Dug Down Deep by Joshua Harris and hearing Avicii’s Wake Me Up, Amish is now close to my heart. Like I really want to research about their culture and stuff.

Lord of the Morning by Frank Topping (P20.00)

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Being the smallest size in the group, being the most expensive, and as I decided to not buy it. I still purchased this book because of the content and because its about poems. Who doesn’t love poems?

Hands and Feet by Audio Adrenaline (P10.00)

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I picked this one because of the title and because it’s a Christian Book not knowing that one of my favorite bands is the author and founder of this project. 🙂 “How will you be the hands and feet of Jesus?”

I enjoyed my time searching, I still have a lot of good reads to buy. Asking myself if I should still go to Books For Less SALE for P20.00 per book. Hmmmm. For now, I should finish every book first, I guess. 🙂


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