Begin Again

againAs I make this account and edit this photo, I’m hearing a song in my mind.

Heard of “Begin Again” by Taylor Swift? That’s the song. Hahaha! It’s because I’m trying to do “blogging” again after months of being so perfectionist about my posts and ideas that I came up into nothing. The product was all in my head. I’m beginning again with and it’s really a cool site right here.

I’m currently stalking Reese Lansangan’s blog, I went back on her post last January 2010. Right now, I’m on June 2010, planning to finish 2010’s post tonight. I was so fascinated with the photos and really amazed on the stories of her trip, and ootds and what more- how she grew up so nice and so great to who she is today. I believe that that’s what you get by shrugging off those negative ideas you think of yourself and what the people around you might say.

And my inner Mica says, “I want to be like that!” Maybe not how she does it exactly¬†but, of course on how mine goes. On what I want to share and tell and create. Yeeeeeee! I’m really excited with this!

Thank you for inspiring me Ate Reese! You’re one of those bloggers that I look up to! I don’t know when will you see this post, hopefully in the near future. Hahaha! I would love to see you soon!


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